Franchise Trainee

We believe that there is a strong difference between doing work, and doing your life’s work; just as there is a difference between having a job and a career. It is the highest priority for us to provide our team members with an opportunity for a life-long career.  We believe that with the right training, environment, and mentor-ship, entrepreneurs can be developed.

We are currently hiring for our company’s renowned Franchise Training Program, which involves rapid growth from an entry-level position to an executive management role. Seeing as how we work for a client that offers services nationally, the need for expansion into new markets is readily available.


Career Opportunities

When it comes to growth and opportunity, International Business Concepts is best known for its Management Training Program!

Step 1: Candidate starts off at the entry level (we have a no seniority policy), and the very first thing they will learn is to manage themselves and master marketing and sales system. They learn our face-to-face sales approach and become very comfortable talking to customers and clients on a daily basis.

Step 2: Once the candidate can manage themselves, they move onto learning to manage others. They now learn how to interview, coach, and train others. They must prove that they cannot only replicate themselves but teach people to do the same.

Step 3: Next, a person moves into an assistant management role, where they learn how to manage people on a larger scale (20+). They learn how to work with the client, how to process payroll, and they have more opportunities to travel and learn.

Step 4: Once someone has mastered steps 1-3, they move on to an executive management position, where they oversee an entire office!


Company Values

At International Business Concepts, we hold our company and our team members accountable to several values in order to provide the highest quality of services and opportunity. 

Integrity in ALL situations
The desire to succeed at any task
Leading by example
Mutual respect for all teammates
Inspiring through work ethic
Positive attitude
Personal dedication
Helping others achieve their goals


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